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Danielle Saunders

Wayne Thiebaud - Sixteen Pies

Wayne Thiebaud - Sixteen Pies

What Is Good?: On Plato and Pop Art

12/10/2012 4:40:27 AM
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Reading the World Reflection

I chose to write on Thiebaud's Sixteen Pies because of my mother. Whenever we saw a Thiebaud she'd point it out and tell me again how he's a Sacramentan. I have since learned he also went to Sac State. This particular work of his is worth just under two million dollars. I enjoyed learning about pop art for this assignment. As always, I jumped on an opportunity to talk about food.

Reading the Word Reflection

My readings his year were positively supplemented by the required readings for Honors 1. I had read Walden a year ago and through my paper on the death penalty and class discussion, I went farther in my understanding of his views. I enjoyed all the works we read in the class, except perhaps that of Confucius, which was still interesting. I enjoyed being able to finish some of the books and I'm looking forward to finishing some that I didn't have time to during the semester. They complemented my recent inclination to dabbling in classic books and authors and a strange ambition to read 50 books in a year.

This last goal is the object of my artifact. I use the website Goodreads to track my progress and ratings of the books I've read. I use books to expand my horizons and enjoy new perspectives. Because they can be so influential, sincere book recommendations are dear to me.

I may not achieve my goal this year, but it is only an instrument to help me access the world of the written word, which is where the importance lies.

Books Read

Books Read

Some Stuff I Read

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